Keiko Irimajiri

Owner and Cooking Teacher
of “K’s kitchen Milano”
1981年 女子美術短期大学造形科グラフィックデザイン教室 卒業。
1982年 女子美術短期大学専攻科宣伝計画コース 卒業。
株式会社 虎屋 グラフィックデザイナーとして勤務。
料理好きが高じて、株式会社ABC Cooking Studio 入社、料理講師として勤務。
料理教室「La Tavola di Tata」アシスタント経験とカンチェーミコーポレーションでのイタリアンの調理経験を経る。
2012年3月 東京で料理教室「K’s kitchen」を主宰し独立。
2014年 ニューヨークで料理教室「K’s kitchen Lexington」を主宰。
同年 ミラノで料理教室「K’s kitchen Brera」を主宰。
現在はミラノをベースに料理教室「K’s kitchen Milano」を主宰。
Owner and cooking teacher of “K’s kitchen Milano”.
1981 Graduated from Joshibi College of Art and Design, Graphic Design Course Design.
1982 Graduated from Joshibi College of Art and Design, Postgraduate Program, Advertising Planning Course.
Worked at Toraya Co., Ltd. as a graphic designer.
After leaving the firm, founded and operated “craft class for children” for 10 years.
Entered ABC Cooking Studio Co., Ltd. as a cooking instructor because of her passion of cooking. She left the firm with a determination to work independently in the cooking field. Subsequently she gained Italian cooking experience at the cooking class “La Tavola di Tata” as an assistant, as well at Cancemi Corporation.
March 2012, founded and operated the cooking class “K’s kitchen” in Tokyo, then in 2014, “K’s kitchen Lexington” in New York. During that same year, she opened “K’s kitchen Brera” in Milan.
Currently, her base is in Milan, teaching cooking at “K’s kitchen Milano”.

Titolare del corso di cucina “K’s kitchen Milano”.
Esperta di cucina casalinga giapponese.
1981 – Diplomata presso Joshibi University of Art and Design, indirizzo Graphic Design.
1982 – Diplomata presso Joshibi University of Art and Design, programma post-laurea, indirizzo Pianificazione Pubblicitaria.
Ha lavorato presso Toraya Co., Ltd. come graphic designer.
Dopo aver lasciato l’azienda, fonda “craft class for children” nella quale opererà per 10 anni.
Ha lavorato come insegnante di cucina all’ “ABC Cooking Studio Co., Ltd.” grazie alla sua passione per la cucina.
Lascerà l’azienda per lavorare in modo indipendente sempre nel campo culinario.
La conoscenza della cucina italiana l’acquisirà lavorando come assistente presso il corso di cucina “La Tavola di Tata”(Cancemi Corporation).
Nel marzo 2012 fonda e gestisce le lezione di cucina “K’s kitchen” a Tokyo,
Nel 2014 fonda e gestisce “K’s kitchen Lexington” a New York.
Nello stesso anno, ha gestito “K’s kitchen Brera” a Milano.
Attualmente, avendo base a Milano, insegna cucina al “K’s kitchen Milano”.